The Secure-Stretch Pocket™ offers athletes many benefits when compared to a standard side pocket, below are just some of the advantages the Secure-Stretch Pocket provides. There is no comparison. Period. 


1.  Pockets are Secure

The elastic "flex" strap enters the waistband of the garment, and as a result, it secures any items placed inside the pocket because the strap remains taut against the waist. The elastic "flex" strap acts as a new enclosure system, keeping your valuables safe and secure.


2. Pocket Automatically Locks

Not only is the SS Pocket™ secure, it also automatically locks. Once your hand is removed from the pocket pouch, the elastic property of the strap causes the strap to shoot back into the waistband, essentially automatically locking the pocket. No need to fiddle around with zippers. It’s just one less thing you need to worry about. 


3. Location of the Pocket Pouch

The pockets are located in a convenient and functional location. Because the pockets are located on the side of the hips, placing items in the pocket pouch like a smartphone will not interfere with performing an exercise. They're completely "out of the way", unlike a standard pocket which lies on the front of your thighs. 


4.  Items Appear Lighter 

The SS Pocket is designed to make items appear lighter and less noticed while exercising. This is mainly because the SS Pocket™ is directly attached to the waistband and the garment’s main fabric. All this attachment in close proximity to a ridged point-- essentially the elastic waistband and the hips-- helps minimize the amount of weight that the wearer can feel once items are placed in the pockets, making the items less noticeable compared to a standard pocket. It's similar to wearing a tool belt, you won't feel the weight as much because it's snug around the waist. 


5.  Minimal Jostling of the Pocket Pouch

The pocket pouch is sewn to the waistband and join seams, therefore there is no noticeable movement of the items placed in the pocket pouch when exercising. We also go back to the basics; our waist and core area is the most stable part of our body when moving. So right off the bat, a pocket located as close to our core as possible will have less movement compared to a standard pocket.


6. No Vertical Slit on Garment

Secure-Stretch Pocket™ has an expandable horizontal hand opening rather than a vertical slit hand opening (the opening on a standard pocket); this means there is no vertical hand-opening slit on the side of the garment, like with a standard pocket. There is no opportunity for the horizontal pocket opening to get ripped or snagged. The SS Pocket™ provides a more sleek and streamlined design, perfect for athletic use, yet still has the benefit of a functional pocket, with ample storage options. 


7. Pocket Saves 10”-12” on Headphone Cords

With a standard pocket, items would have to lie below the bottom of the vertical hand opening slit to be held in the pocket. The SS Pocket™ design will save at least 10”-12” on your headphone cord’s length. As a result, there will be no tugging on your cord when exercising.


8. Headphone Cord Tucked In

In an ideal situation, if your cord were tucked under your t-shirt, the cord would not be exposed at all, except where it shoots out of the neck hole of your t-shirt. This limits the chances of snagging your cord, or at least catching it on an object. With a standard pocket, over 8” of the cord may be exposed as seen in the photo above. 


9. Expandable Pocket Opening

Having an expandable pocket opening allows for extremely easy access to all your essentials, even while you’re on the move. The unique way our pocket is engineered allows for the front wall of the pocket to peel away from the side of the garment, enabling you to dig deep in your pocket to access smaller items that are stored at the bottom. This is an incredibly important benefit. 


10. Pocket Lining Will Not Come Inside Out

With a standard pocket, the pocket lining may have the tendency to come inside out when removing items from the pocket pouch. This creates an opportunity for smaller and lighter items to accidentally exit the pocket if the pocket lining were to come inside out. The pocket lining of the SS Pocket™ will not come inside out due to the attachment to the join seams. 


11. Low Profile Appearance

The SS Pocket™ provides for a low profile appearance. Unlike a standard pocket, items placed in the SS Pocket™ will not bulge out on the front of your thighs. We believe this sleeker appearance will satisfy the majority of the market, especially with the increasing size of smartphones.


12. Additional Elastic

The elastic "flex" strap lies over the existing elastic waistband. This additional elastic provides a more secure fit that hugs the waist and keeps the garment in place during physical activities. 


13. Applied to Multiple Embodiments

This is a huge advantage for any protected innovation, because it means more potential exposure and the ability to satisfy the needs of our customers while providing the SS Pocket™ on multiple embodiments. Falco will expand the product line and offer the SS Pocket™ on more than just a pair of men’s training shorts. This is just the beginning.